Founded by professional educators with years of experience teaching at the collegiate and high school levels, Next Level Tutors was created with one simple goal in mind: to provide students with highly professional and highly individualized one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of their own homes.

An overwhelming majority of teachers, parents, students, and school officials agree that the fastest and most productive way for a student to achieve academic success is through the help of a one-on-one tutor who best understands the student's unique demands. Because each student has different needs and abilities, it is essential that the tutor be fully aware of the student's complete academic background before tutoring sessions begin.

This is what sets Next Level Tutors apart from all of the other tutoring agencies. Our selection process for hiring tutors is extremely rigid. All potential tutors possess college degrees and/or are in pursuit of advanced credentials. Each potential tutor must undergo numerous interviews and background checks before being employed by Next Level Tutors. Our tutors are our livelihood, and because we are careful about whom we employ as instructors, we are certain you won't be disappointed in them! Click the following link to read more about our tutors.

Next Level Tutors recognizes that in order for academic success to be achieved, it is vital for the tutor and the student to be a perfect "match." Therefore, we go through great lengths to obtain as much information about the student as possible before we match him or her with a professional in-home tutor. Generally, we solicit such information as the student's learning style, motivation level, current workload, academic confidence, prior academic history, and any possible learning difficulties. The more we know about the students and their particular needs, the better job we can do at locating the perfect tutor for them!

Listed below are 5 reasons why student's who are struggling in school should begin using Next Level Tutors right away!

1. CONVENIENCE: Tutoring sessions take place in your own home, at a time that is convenient for YOU.

2. PERSONALIZATION: Our tutors are patient, caring, and knowledgeable individuals who specialize in working with students in their specific course(s) of concern. No outside materials are ever introduced.

3. SUCCESS: Most students who use Next Level Tutors see a dramatic improvement in their grades, test scores, and overall academic self-confidence.

4. SERVICE: Your individualized one-on-one tutor is your resource for all of your academic needs. He or she will be conferring with you (or your parents) at the beginning or conclusion of each tutoring session. Additionally, our tutors closely monitor their student's progress in their Tutors Log, and these notes are compiled into a monthly Progress Report that gets mailed to the student (or the student's parents).

5. AFFORDABILITY: Because the tutoring sessions take place in the student's home, our overhead costs are low, enabling us to charge only a fraction of what it would cost at a typical educational center.

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